Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Photo taken by Resist 45 after painting the overpass Friday.

Thorn: Hijacking the Message

The Resist 45 group told LEO it painted “Capitalism Is Killing Us All” on Friday on the Alta Vista overpass of Interstate 64. By Saturday, “Kill Cops” was written next to it. The group denied writing that second message. “Some asshole wrote kill cops. My thinking is they wanted the cops to stop the graffiti and to make the whole Resist graffiti look bad,” the member told LEO, adding that Resist 45 does not condone violence. Above is a photo the group said it took Friday.

Rose: Pitino Dunked On!

Rick “Back Room Romeo” Pitino settled with the UofL Athletic Association over whether he was fired and deserved $40 million. The answer is: He resigned and gets nary a penny. Now, please leave us alone, Rick.

Thorn: Bevin Pulls Racist Card

This TV ad from Gov. Matt “Crazy Eyes” Bevin is obscenely pandering and racist: “President Trump and Governor Bevin cracked down on illegal immigration. Liberal Andy Beshear sides with illegal immigrants” and “Andy Beshear would allow illegal immigrants to swarm our state.” Al Cross, a former Courier Journal political writer and professor and director of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues at UK, wrote in an op-ed that Bevin wouldn’t run such an ad if he were ahead, but also he must think it’ll help. “Bevin is no racist, but his ad appeals to voters driven by racism and fear, not logic,” Cross wrote. And this, from a man with four adopted, Ethiopian children, he noted.

Thorn: Not In My Living Room!

Did Bourbon & Beyond get its name because you could hear it well beyond the venue… miles beyond? People as far away as The Highlands took to social media to either complain about the brain-rattling volume or say they were happy to hear the bands without buying a ticket. Last year, rain sank the concerts and led them to move. This year, it might be noise. At least this weekend’s Louder Than Life should be much quieter…