Record Review: The Sleeping Bag — Volume

The Sleeping Bag, the brainchild of Doug Campbell, is often unpredictable — a reflection of his willingness to evolve and take risks as an artist. You can hear that confidence in his performance and production on Volume, his newest record. Campbell builds on his repertoire of slacker rock and alt-folk tropes, bringing in shoegaze elements and low-fi production tricks to punctuate each song. On a track-by-track basis, the album shifts, from the opening grime of “Crush” to the dream-pop lightness of “Nothing’s Light Emerges” and “Volume.” The angst-ridden “How To Never Be Apart,” stands out for its vulnerability, a slow-hand piano and Campbell’s voice wandering through the darkness. Ending with “I Cried Myself to Sleep/Memory Loop,” Campbell remains open, both to emotion and artistic growth. —Syd Bishop