And C-Fair Endorses…

Our commonwealth is at a crucible moment. We could continue four more years of unpredictably malicious “leadership” from Matt Bevin — whose attacks on reproductive rights, organized labor, and education have irreparably damaged our state — or we could turn the tide towards fairness for all Kentuckians by electing Attorney General Andy Beshear our next governor. He is C-FAIR’s clear and compelling choice, and we endorse him without reservation.

Gov. Andy Besehar would sign a Statewide Fairness Law without hesitation. He would restore voting rights for thousands of disenfranchised Kentuckians, defend reproductive freedom and commit to helping those who have been neglected, disrespected or forgotten by our current governor.

Bevin has called Kentucky teachers “ignorant” and “selfish” and said they had a “thug mentality” when they protested attacks on their hard-earned pensions. He has eagerly signed every pro-life bill the legislature sends his way, he’s paved the way for charter schools to weaken public education in our state, and he has defended an interpretation of state and federal civil rights laws that allows LGBTQ discrimination in employment.

Let’s not forget that Bevin is the candidate who ran a robocall from former Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to get elected. Back then, as Davis emerged from jail after denying LGBTQ couples their rightful marriage licenses, Bevin said, “Without any question I support her.” Now, Kentucky has $225,000 to pay for Davis’ deeds, and Bevin’s trying to skirt the bill.

Beshear would be a governor for all Kentuckians. He would ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect and no one is left behind. His commitment to eradicate our state’s unconscionable backlog of untested rape kits is a prime example of his priority — justice for all.

Equally as important as our next governor is the attorney general. Greg Stumbo, Kentucky’s former Speaker of the House and previous attorney general, is another obvious choice in a critical race. While serving more than 30 years in the Kentucky General Assembly, Stumbo cosponsored the Statewide Fairness Law and quashed innumerable anti-LGBTQ attacks from both political parties when he was in power.

By contrast, his opponent Daniel Cameron has been hand-picked by U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell to pursue an arch-conservative agenda for Kentucky. Much like Bevin, Cameron proudly touts his relationship with Donald Trump, who gave him a glowing endorsement, “… He is tough on Crime, Strong on Borders, and will fight for our Second Amendment … He has my Full and Complete Endorsement!”

There is no doubt Stumbo would steer Kentucky clear of President Trump and McConnell’s plans for our commonwealth, and we endorse him with full confidence in his ability to lead and defend the rights of all Kentuckians.

For Secretary of State, former Miss America Heather French Henry would work to keep elections and voter registration fair and accessible for all. She was honored by former Gov. Steve Beshear for her commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in the hiring of workers as deputy commissioner of the state Department of Veterans Affairs, and she has been a lifelong ally of the LGBTQ community. There is no better choice than her for this important role, and she easily earns the C-FAIR endorsement.

Sheri Donahue, an intelligence and cyber security professional, is the C-FAIR choice for Kentucky auditor, where strong oversight is needed to ensure our commonwealth is being run fairly and efficiently. A graduate of the Emerge Kentucky program, which has been training Democratic women to successfully run for Kentucky office for a decade, Donahue has expressed a deep commitment to fairness and unwavering support of LGBTQ issues. Her opponent, Mike Harmon, led anti-LGBTQ attacks while in the General Assembly.

Finally, Kentucky has the unique opportunity this year to elect our first openly LGBTQ statewide elected official and make history with Michael Bowman for Kentucky state treasurer, who has earned the C-FAIR endorsement. A lifelong Louisville resident from a union family, Michael spent many years working with Southwest Louisville lawmakers on the Metro Council and served as Chief Legislative Assistant to Councilwoman Cindi Fowler. He currently works in the banking industry, where he serves on the Pride Committee for his employer and helps organize co-workers to support activities and events in our local LGBTQ community. Bowman will be a leader who helps change the trajectory of LGBTQ inclusion in Kentucky politics.

All of these races are of the utmost importance to our community and we implore everyone who is able to vote — the future of fairness in our commonwealth rides on it.

Chris Hartman is a board member of C-FAIR, the Fairness Campaign’s political action committee and executive director of the Fairness Campaign. Full endorsements are at