Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Absurd: Maybe Bevin’s Lips Got Tired From So Much Reading

Gov. Matt “Erratic” Bevin’s twitter beef with Mayor Greg Fischer would be hilarious if it weren’t so telling. Bevin’s tweets show he does not understand that people have the right to peaceably assemble to protest, even it is outside of his puppetmaster Mitch McConnell’s house. You would think Bevin read past the First Amendment so he could get to his beloved Second Amendment.

Thorn: Trump Circus Due In Town

We expect protesting when tRump comes to Louisville for a private fundraiser Aug. 21 for Bevin. Likely, it will be held out of yelling distance, behind gates and up a long driveway in The East End where the “help” will serve Yuengling punch and Chick-fil-A canapés to backslapping, seersuckered brahs and cigar-stained Brahmins with their wizened, Botox-dipped wives.

Rose: Love In The Time Of Trump

A rose goes to the Speed Art Museum and its leader Stephen Reily for arranging a naturalization ceremony there for 95 people from 36 countries and offering each a free family membership. “The wish that I shared with these incredible people was that we, brothers and sisters in their new American family, will work as hard to keep them safe here as we do to celebrate their citizenship,” he wrote on Facebook.

Thorn: David, Get A New Hobby

David A. Jones Jr., Insider Louisville board chair, gets a thorn for his arrogant, misguided farewell editorial, published as the online-only news site closed last week. In just 525 words, he manages to insult all the other news media and pretend like IL’s departure leaves the city without any sources of local news. He wrote that IL readers are “highly educated, high earning and (compared to any other local news publication) include far more readers under 40,” but “we also proved that Louisville won’t pay for local civic news” and “[n]onprofit civic journalism has not been Louisville’s answer.” WTF? Tell that to WFPL, which is doing well, thank you. Tell that to the Courier Journal, which has the largest newsroom and just hired two of your reporters. Maybe IL failed because it did not draw enough readers who felt it was worth supporting. Maybe it should have found its own niche, instead of trying to match the six other sources for local news.