Three concerts to catch this week

Satellite Twin, Daughters Of Saint Crispin, Ritual/Error, Shedding
Friday, Aug. 30
Louisville’s experimental post-punk band Satellite Twin combines the visceral aspects of garage rock with careful, sharp parts that build tension. Wisconsin’s Daughters Of Saint Crispin create a sludgy, atmospheric sound that lives on the outskirts of metal. There will also be instrumental music from Ritual/Error, as well as Shedding, a project that manufactures psychedelic, ambient soundscapes.

Belushi Speed Ball, Guerrilla Warfare, Godawfuls, Isolator
Saturday, Aug. 31
Mag Bar
The eccentric thrash punk band Belushi Speed Ball is celebrating their fifth anniversary by recreating their very first show at Mag Bar. The original lineup is playing, and the theme — there’s always a theme for every Belushi Speed Ball concert — is the same as that very first show: It’s a toga party. Guerrilla Warfare, Godawfuls and Isolator are also on the bill.   

The Nude Party
Wednesday, Sept. 4
The Nude Party mixes a heavy amount of ‘60s psych-rock, traces of proto-punk, slices of Americana and plenty of pop sensibilities to make something that is versatile and new, yet extremely familiar. Essentially, it’s high-energy, feel-good Saturday night rock and roll, but it’s packaged through an intriguing blend of nostalgia and influences.