Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (6/5)

Waaa! Not in my district!  |  Thorn 

Suddenly, the Metro Council members who voted against a relatively small tax increase are shocked and upset that the city is closing two library branches in their districts and cutting back hours citywide.

15 potholes on council need filling  |  Thorn 

If you think potholes don’t get filled fast enough and streets are getting plowed too slowly, then thank the 15 Metro Council members whose rejection of the tax increase (roughly $12 a month for the average property owner) is expected to lead to even more delays. A public works official told the council that budget cuts will slow all of their work. The Courier Journal reported that public works also plans to cut back mowing and litter collection on state and Metro rights of way.

Just ew  |  Absurd 

Thank goodness for the city’s rich people. They have donated money to provide places for kids to swim this summer. One donor, Papa John’s, says it will even supply pizza at these swim parties. Let’s see: greasy pizza, sweaty kids, warm water… Let’s hope there is a lot of chlorine!

How else would the cops harass the city’s black people?  |  Absurd 

The Metro Council is considering whether to make possession of small amounts of pot a low priority for police. Officers would not be dinged for ignoring this directive, according to the proposal. Of course, we at LEO think the proposal is a good start toward outright decriminalization, but, until then, we do not believe that the police will play along unless forced to do so.

Horse thieves  |  Thorn 

A great story by WDRB’s Chris Otts points out that although Kentucky does not allow slot machines, the “historical horse racing machines” are just like them. But guess what? The some $5.3 billion in wagers since 2011 has produced only about $80 million in taxes (about 1.5%), of which about $51 million went to horse industry-related funds and programs, with only $29 million in general tax revenue for the state (about .5%).

CJ Headline of the Week  |  Absurd 

“Evacuations urged in drenched Ark.”  This was not a story about the Ark Park.