Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd (5/1)

Rich people don’t care | Thorn

Louisville will close a firehouse, two libraries and four pools, cut a police recruit class and an ambulance, and lose more than 300 city jobs. Golf courses and the zoo may be privatized. That’s the mayor’s budget after the Metro Council rejected a tax, which on average would have equaled the cost of a lunch out once a month — about $12.  Those cuts won’t affect rich East Enders (whose tax would have been higher, linked to their expensive property). They all have pools, e-books and golf club memberships. Crap, they may have zoos.

Punish idiocy | Thorn

Read Courier Journal metro columnist Joe Gerth’s piece in which he rightfully calls out the Fatuous 15 (our description) who nixed the tax hike. He notes that the plan leaves $45,000 in neighborhood development funds for each district and cuts each council member’s operating budget by $10,000 a year. “Council members who refused to support a small tax increase ought to do what is right and vote to zero out their slush funds — vote to put that money back into the pools, libraries and the zoo rather than help pay for pet projects that help them get reelected.”

It just looks bad | Thorn

The Metro Council hired a $100-an-hour consultant to help fix the city budget because after rejecting the tax hike, it doesn’t want to make more mistakes.

Stick that in your derby | Thorn

Churchill Downs may have to pay $700,000 more in property taxes after WDRB’s Chris Otts pointed out that the “official value of the 140-acre racetrack property — $20.4 million — hadn’t changed since 2002, despite hundreds of millions of dollars Churchill Downs spent on additions and renovations.”

Let them drink fancy beer… | Absurd

Downtown is a food desert. After buying the closed Kroger on Second Street, Spalding University sold it to investors who want to open a brewery… because we need more breweries and beer is like bread.

And his children are marital dividends | Absurd

Gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Andy Beshear called his wife a “support system” on Twitter.