LEO, your home for tickets

For almost 30 years, Louisville has been turning to LEO Weekly (some might remember it as the Louisville Eccentric Observer) to see what’s going on around town. All of your favorite concerts, festivals, movies, sports, stage performances, plays, musicals, ballets, flea markets, gallery exhibitions, comedians… generally, anything that involves eating and drinking, while something else is going on… we’ve been there for you. 

Now, LEO is stepping up its event-game — for both event-goers and event-hosters.

Looking for something to do? Go to LeoWeekly.com where you’ll find a calendar with hundreds of local events every year — and, you can buy tickets right there on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Hosting an event? Events big or small, for people short or tall (even if it doesn’t rhyme at all…), LEO can help make it a success. Don’t worry about the logistics of ticketing and collecting admission revenue — we can do that for you. Don’t stress about getting the word out — this is what we do…! On our calendar, your event will be seen by tens of thousands of web visitors each week and over 100,000 readers in the weekly paper. 

We’ll still run the nightly, live local music scene in Plugged In. We’ll continue to publish our weekly round of Staff Picks… an assemblage of our favorite interesting, enlightening local events, as well as previews and reviews of other shows and events. We’re just bringing you more of what you want to see and do.

Louisville is fortunate to have the problem of too much to do, too little time to do it all. At LEO, we just want to help you navigate it all, and live the best Louisville life possible.