145th Kentucky Derby: Take it home! Where to find those souvenirs

Before you lose all your fat stacks on that winning horse and those sticky juleps, think about the fam back home who didn’t get to taste Derby like you have. Bring back a bit of the Bluegrass for your spouse, partner, friends and kidlets. Here are a few insider suggestions:

In addition to offering a brandy-new exhibit on bourbon as the start of the Urban Bourbon Trail, the Frazier History Museum has the absolute best gift shop for local flavor, and we do not mean just bourbony stuff (but it has that, too): quills and ink, coonskin hats, rifle pens, geodes, arrowheads, ammo magnets, floral bonnets, fool’s gold nuggets, lump of coal ornaments, lucky horseshoes, and bluegrass seeds. Kentucky rain lip balms and body butters, Louisville lily soaps, limestone-scented candles and mint julep bath bombs. Kentucky kitchen towels, tote bags, cookie cutters, coat hooks, doormats, nutcrackers, throw pillows, postcards, paper dolls and pencil sharpeners shaped like clocks, globes, sailboats, stagecoaches and… Gatling guns (claim).

Frazier History Museum
829 W. Main St.

Ah, hell. Pretty much any of the big liquor stores locally will have a selection of bourbon you cannot find in Peoria. But, if we had to choose one, Old Town Wine and Spirits is where many locals go to look for deals and the latest entries on the burgeoning bourbon market. The staff knows its drink, and the beer and wine selection is pretty tops, too. And, then, there is The Wine Rack. It partners with Bourbons Bistro to make private barrel selections. If you get there at just the right time, you may also score some Blanton’s, too, we are told. Also, try Westport Whiskey & Wine! It has a really fine selection with lots of other American whiskies.

Old Town Wine and Spirits
1529 Bardstown Road

The Wine Rack
2632 Frankfort Ave.

Wesport Whiskey & Wine
1115 Herr Lane

Just for fun: a giant bat and tiny bats
Need a Trump mask or fake blood or Trump mask with fake blood? Maybe a matching bacon and egg costume or Colonial-era getup? Well, the giant bat on the side of Caufield’s Novelty Inc. marks the spot for what it says is one of the largest theatrical distributors in the nation. It is just down Main Street from the Frazier and the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, which is marked by a giant baseball bat! It’s where to go if you must bring home one of those famous, tiny bats.

Caufield’s Novelty Inc.
1006 W. Main St.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
800 W. Main St.