City’s Brexit moment, voting against itself

Feels as if it’s been a while. Missed me?

I got a week off from your posh drivel… and it felt like a month in the Maldives.

Mercifully, we missed the Fake Issue, too. What is it about Americans and their inability to write good Swiftian satire? Although come to think of it, we could have been nice to each other since insulting friends is the British way of expressing terms of endearment.

You keep on telling yourself that, sunshine. Allow me to explain this in ways you might just understand: When I call you a tedious and sanctimonious wanker, I mean it.

Bah humbug. There’s nothing more British than being slagged off and taking it as a compliment. Louisville’s Metro Council is taking a more British attitude to things as well. With the same dire results.

You mean voting for economic calamity because they didn’t give a moment’s thought to what the consequences of their votes might be? It seems more like the same brand of short-sighted, self-serving stupidity that brought us Brexshit is contagious and that the Metro Council’s full of anti-vaxxers.

Precisely. Just like Brexit Britain, the Metro Council voted to make itself smaller and weaker. And what unbelievable naiveté from that councilor who represents The West End. Imagine refusing to vote for a tax increase that’ll largely affect people outside her district because — and I can hardly believe this — her district is underfunded. So instead, by default, she voted for massive cuts in services that will directly impact her constituents. No swimming for you this summer, kiddo. She did her constituents a horrendous disservice. With Democrats like that who needs Republicans?

No wonder Fischer’s pissed off. It puts him on a sticky wicket for the rest of his final term, effectively a lame duck just months into it. We don’t hold back when he deserves criticism, but he must have convinced himself they weren’t stupid enough to vote that way. Yet lo and behold, they were. Every Democrat on the council who refused to back a small tax increase should be primaried and should lose. Selfish gits.

Reminds me of people who survive because of Medicaid expansion and then vote for Bevin. Just wait until that other 106-million-dollar hole in the state budget comes home to roost. You think Bevin and his Frankfort pilchards won’t take delight in binning as much of that on Louisville as is humanly possible?

Of course they will. Which is why it was so important to take a stand now, not wave the white flag. They’ll lose next time around — if there’s anything left to cut. Speaking of Medicaid expansion, I see Bevin’s work-or-die plan came up against an anti-slavery judge. So he lost. Again. What is he now? One-and-15 in these things? It’s starting to look like the Cards’ record against teams that don’t cheat. But no doubt he’ll try to appeal it all the way up to the Supreme Court in the hopes of getting a five-four win there, which sums up the entire GOP legal strategy.

And depressingly, it’s a pretty solid-looking strategy. Loathsome wretch though he is, McConnell’s long game in the courts is his strongest suit. I had to have a giggle at Bevin’s spokesman after this latest Medicaid defeat, though. What was it he said? “A healthcare program like Medicaid, by its very nature, must take into account whether it improves people’s health.” Are they seriously suggesting that having medical insurance via Medicaid is actually detrimental to health?

It’s not detrimental to health, but it is detrimental to wealth. Their wealth, specifically. The idea, or at least what’s said in public, is that if you take Medicaid away from people they’ll be forced to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get their own health coverage. Sounds good, but in fact it’s not what actually happens. It’s literally the opposite of what happens. We know that because there was a time when Medicaid didn’t exist, and it didn’t result in an end to poverty. Far from it.

What happens is that people remain poor, underemployed and sick. Only they don’t have access to even the most miserly healthcare. So the choice becomes beg, steal or die. Republicans talk about bootstrap fantasies publicly because it sounds better than the truth, which is “Hey, I won’t be paying for ‘them’ anymore.” They’re determined to turn Kentucky into the new Mississippi. For Christians, they seem to lack that fundamental commitment to — what’s that core concept I’m looking for… ?

Christianity. And they don’t want to turn it into Mississippi, mate. That’s aiming far too low. They want to turn it into Saudi Arabia. With an untouchable, unimaginably wealthy ruling class at the top, and everyone else in ant-like subjugation below… and, when the scum step out of line, they’re getting publicly decapitated at Fourth Street Live! Why else would they so openly admire the Saudis? It’s not just the oil and money; it’s about hegemony and power, institutionalised bigotry and state-sanctioned intolerance. Somewhere on a tennis court in heaven, Stalin and Reagan are having a right laugh.

Succeeding beyond their wildest dreams, too. Guns everywhere, minimal taxation for corporations, ending access to affordable healthcare — especially for women — slashing public service budgets, lobbyist money flowing like bourbon and librul Louisville completely fucked. Glory days if you’re a Frankfort Republican bent on a heady cocktail of punishing people you don’t like and personal enrichment at the expense of the lives of the people you represent.

Credit where it’s due, though. By voting to make bestiality illegal they did manage to drag Kentucky into the last century.

Which is sad news for Kentuckians of Welsh descent, of course, although casual encounters with sheep are few and far between in this country. Not like back home where they’re so plentiful they have to beat them off with a shitty stick. The sheep I mean.

Since I’m well aware of your Scottish roots I know you’re just deflecting. So leave the Taffs out of it and leave the sheep alone.

Baaaaa, humbug!