Thorns & Roses: The Best, Worst and Most Absurd (3/6)

We need a truth survivors protection act  |  Thorn 

It may be reasonable to argue about abortion based on when you believe life begins. And you may disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court on this (we don’t). But now Republicans are just plain making up stuff to use abortion as a wedge issue against Democrats. And, as is increasingly common, what happens in Congress is parroted in state legislatures. This is no different. State Senate Bill 227 would require doctors “to take all medically appropriate and reasonable steps” to save the lives of infants born after failed abortions. It easily passed a Senate committee on a men-only vote (the only woman was not present), and then the Senate unanimously approved it. Who would want to go on record voting against a bill to save a newborn? Except failed abortions rarely happen and only in the most medically dire circumstances for the mother and infant. And, if one were to happen, this bill would not allow doctors and parents to decide what to do, instead leaving it to old, white men and wealthy lobbyists. Even the bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Whitney Westerfield, said he wasn’t aware of any infants born alive in Kentucky after a failed abortion, the Courier Journal reported. He said he heard it happened elsewhere. The bill is similar to the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell supported — and Democrats blocked… at their peril. 

Fat lip service for gun victims  |  Thorn 

The so-called “School Safety and Resiliency Act” bill, a tepid response to the Marshall County High School shooting, now goes to Gov. Matt Bevin for his signature. Instead of passing bills that better control who gets guns and ammunition, lawmakers passed one that would provide more student counseling and create a “school security marshal.” We say “would” because as further evidence of lawmakers’ indifference and craven calculations, they did not include any money in the bill.  The Senate president said funding it would be a priority in the next session. Rigghht… If you believe that, we have a buttered bridge to sell you.

Stay off the golf course, rand!  |  Rose 

A rose must go to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul for saying he will vote to block tRump’s national emergency declaration. But… we also know it is par for Rand to flip-flop after just a few chip shots with The Orange One.