Reasons to see/skip Metallica, Weezer and Kiss

In the next seven days, three iconic rock giants who all have ubiquitous songs and beloved albums will all play at the KFC Yum Center — although none of them has released a great record so far this century. That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t see them. It doesn’t help to justify going either. While your decision will probably be based on nostalgia and personal connection, we laid out a reason to see each, and a reason to skip each. 

Weezer  | Friday, March 8

Why you should skip them: Their recent cringeworthy public relations antics reek like desperation, and they’ve struggled to release something groundbreaking since Pinkerton.

Why you should see them: Their post-grunge, sugar-coated nerd-rock anthems have a definitive place in music, and they will definitely play the hits. 


Metallica  |  Saturday, March 9

Why you should skip them: Every available seat on Ticketmaster is going for more than $200. 

Why you should see them: They’re one of the most influential heavy bands ever to exist, shaping thrash metal and then redefining radio rock. And they still perform well. 

KISS  |  Tuesday, March 12

Why you should skip them: They’ve always been more of a marketing scheme than a band, without the talent of the New York Dolls or the vision of Alice Cooper. And Gene Simmons’ bullshit seems less edgy and more pathetic every year. 

Why you should see them: You shouldn’t. Some suburban Trump nut with too much time on his hands and a penchant for getting really mad at innocuous opinions will probably send me a thinly-veiled death threat on Twitter for this, but you should definitely not give money to Gene Simmons.