Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

It will be Trump for governor  |  Thorn 

If you wonder why Gov. Matt “Trump Toady” Bevin will be hard to beat in November, read the recent editorial “Decision Time for Trump Democrats” in The Licking Valley Courier, located in Eastern Kentucky. Ahead of a special election last week for state Senate, it wrote: “Here in our area, there is little indication that Democrats who switched their votes to give Trump a majority in 2016 have changed their minds about him. And most, we would bet, remain unhappy with the direction their party has taken at the national level. Like it or not, to vote for the party’s nominee for either state legislative or congressional offices are votes for the party at the national level, which in effect is a vote to help destroy the Trump presidency.” The Republican in that race won the seat, turning it red for first time in more than 50 years, according to former Courier Journal political reporter Al Cross.

LFPL is a drag  |  Thorn 

The Louisville Free Public Library cancelled “Story Hour with the Derby City Sisters,” also referred to as a “Drag Queen Story Hour.” The Derby City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence says it “exists as a modern order of 21st-century nuns dedicated to community service …  “ A CJ story said the library’s interim director denied it cancelled the reading because it involved drag queens and children, but “he repeatedly declined to provide a reason.” Yet, love wins: The group said it has offers to do its readings elsewhere “and show the kids of this city they are loved for exactly who they are.”


Yarmuth: 1 Bevin: -1  |  Rose

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth bucked Democratic leadership by predicting a House move to impeach tRump is inevitable. That led Bevin to tweet Yarmuth is out of touch with his tRump-loving state. But Yarmuth told the CJ: “Surely Gov. Bevin has seen his own polling numbers and knows that popularity among Kentucky voters isn’t exactly his area of expertise.”  

News that’s fit for fish wrap  |  Absurd 

The CJ front page March 8, devoted 938 words to a UofL doctor who sent a homophobic email to Louisville Ballet, 1,014 words on the teachers’ sickout — and 1,288 words on fish fry season. Also, 680 more words in features on fried fish, a 237-word sidebar and a 1,326-word list of fish fries. 3,531 words on fried fish!