Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Attica Scott: ‘we will get there together’  |  Rose 

A rose goes to state Rep. Attica Scott because we love the Louisville Democrat for her progressive, people-first politics, so we are sorry she decided to not run for governor, but we understand why. She said she wants to spend more time with her daughter and cannot afford to run. “Unfortunately, there are still many barriers for working class folks and single moms like me to run for higher office,” she wrote. Scott has not endorsed anyone. Will she ever? “I have not endorsed any candidate at this time and will not until someone emerges who has a clear agenda that includes eliminating poverty, promoting racial justice, women’s rights, worker justice, environmental justice, fairness and equity.”

‘Say money, but it won’t get you too far’  |  Absurd 

Speaking of $$$… Former Democratic State Auditor Adam Edelen announced he is running for governor with uber-developer Gill Holland. But, before the announcement, their under-construction campaign website became public. It featured an embedded video of Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl.” You can’t make this stuff up!

When two pigs fight  |  Thorn 

Not waiting to see if Gov. Matt “Elected on the Bell Curve” Bevin files for re-election, Republican state Rep. Robert Goforth, a Laurel County farmer and pharmacist, says he is your man. “I am not a New England transplant using the people of Kentucky to feed my ego or audition for another job,” he said in a Lexington Herald-Leader story. “We need a governor who leads more than he lambasts.” That all sounds right, but don’t be fooled. His pre-filed bill would criminalize abortion outside of medical emergencies if a fetal heartbeat is detected, only about six weeks into gestation. We hope Bevin runs, just so they will savage each other.

How to waste 100 trees  |  Absurd 

News flash! Two friends who meet for lunch once a month have eaten at 100 local restaurants! The Courier Journal story on this astounding feat includes almost a half a page listing where they dined. Oh, and it features an info box with “Five tips for starting your own lunch routine.” Because, you know, there is nothing else to write about, and you couldn’t otherwise find a restaurant or know how to eat with friends.