Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (10/31)

Why you must vote  |  Thorn 

In a country awash in guns, a racist shoots and kills two African-American people he did not know. Another hater kills 11 people in a temple because he believes Jews control the world. Our historically racist, anti-Semitic culture, catalyzed by an overtly racist, anti-Semitic and thuggish president, has collided with our late-capitalist, Ayn Randian, Wild West mentality.

Reap what you spew  |  Thorn 

Bizarro Gov. Matt Bevin called out the state Democratic party for not deleting a Facebook post that posited throwing a grenade at Bevin, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. He identified the poster and comment likers, and he tweeted: “What has happened to civility in America?” Just as the post was wrong, so are Bevin’s constant insults to reporters, teachers and opponents (he called a reporter a “peeping Tom” ).

The CJ’s brave stand  |  Absurd 

Guess what, guys?! The Courier Journal opposes “senseless violence,” according to a rare editorial published last week. The headline was: “Louisville Kroger shooting: We’ve had enough of the senseless violence.” No solutions or calls for action were offered.

CJ’s confidence man, Mitch  |  Thorn 

In another rare editorial, the CJ politely says that McConnell “should” hold town hall meetings and confronting him publicly “is dead wrong.”  Such meetings “would make him a better representative” and “might stop people from accosting you in public, disrupting your dinner and disturbing other diners.”  Sillies! He is being confronted for his evil policies. Even 1,000 town hall meetings wouldn’t change him.

Smells a little like two fishies  |  Thorn 

Ark Park Capt. Ken Ham says attendance is up, but Williamstown numbers show September was nearly 17 percent down from a year ago. That, from a local man who got the numbers through open records requests, the Lexington newspaper reported. The numbers are important: They dictate how much the park owes for city safety services. Higher means more cash. Lower is accurate… or cooked. Which is it?