Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Festival, not festering  |  Thorn 

A thorn goes to the city of Louisville for allowing the Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life festivals at Champions Park, part of which is built over a toxic landfill. The redevelopment of the landfill was meant for low-impact uses, such as soccer. As LEO staff writer Danielle Grady wrote, RVs and heavy vehicles driving in the mud might have ruptured a clay cap on the landfill, unearthing poison for concert-goers. Louisville should be honored to have such high-level festivals as Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life. Maybe the city can find a better location for them.

Nazis, fuck off!  |  Thorn 

A bunch of idjits got rowdy at the Silver Dollar (sounds like a Western!) and pepper sprayed people, and accused some of being socialists and commies. (This is a bad thing?) Pro tip: You are outnumbered in this town, so go back to your parents’ basements.

Just cops being bros  |  Thorn 

A Louisville police officer sent sexually explicit messages, images and video to several women coworkers — and the chief wanted to fire him. But after meeting with the officer, Chief Steve Conrad changed his mind and suspended Officer Steven Pond, instead, the Courier Journal reported. “I will not tolerate conduct of this nature,” the chief wrote initially to Pond, the CJ reported. “Your conduct demands your termination. I have the utmost confidence in my decision to terminate your employment … ” Apparently, Conrad lost confidence after the meeting. He imposed a 30-day suspension. Police have not provided documentation on the meeting. Maybe, Pond was like, “Bro, couldn’t help myself.” And Conrad replied, “OK, dude.”

Daaaad!  |  Absurd 

…And, sitting around reading? What? Are they “Little House on the Prairie,” starring the Bevin.

Screenshot from Gov. Matt Bevin’s Facebook page