Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd (9/19)

‘Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind’  |  Rose & Thorn

It may be a campaign ploy, but we agree with Attorney General Andy Beshear that the legislature must authorize a statewide grand jury to investigate the extent of sexual abuse in the Catholic church. We believe investigators would find the same kinds of heartbreaking incidents that Pennsylvania recently revealed in its Catholic churches. A thorn goes to the Catholic League, which bills itself as “for religious and civil rights.” It sent an email to attorneys general saying it supports such investigations, but “they should also investigate clergy of all other religions, private nonsectarian institutions, and public sector entities.” Gross…

Like a cornered, wild animal  |  Thorn 

Gov. Matt “Get Rich With Me” Bevin, injured by Courier Journal reporter Tom Loftus for uncovering that he hired an Army buddy who then got a $215,000 raise, now refuses to answer questions. They include such obvious questions as why Kentucky needs the highest-paid chief information officer in the nation who also is our highest-paid state employee, outside of the universities. Instead, Bevin, like tRump, attacked the media (Loftus) for revealing truth. “Your fascination with everything you think will divide is part of why the newspaper you represent is dying itself. Focus on things people care about,” he said. “What’s become of your career is kind of embarrassing. I don’t know if you ever get tired of asking silly questions, but it’s a little tiresome to hear them sometimes. Frankly, it really is.”

Next: labor camps teach discipline?  |  Absurd 

This one astounds. Bevin told business leaders recently that like indentured servitude, apprenticeships can teach skills, according to WFPL. “So my three-great grandfather and his brother were both indentured out to a guy who taught them a skill, taught them a trade,” Bevin said. (It was for bell making.)

No tariff for insider louisville on cultural stereotyping  |  Absurd 

Insider Louisville sent an email blast asking for a $13 donation, the cost of a “good lunch.“ Why? A donation “will last more than a lunch time [sic],” and “you’re going to be hungry again in a few hours (one hour if you’re having Chinese cuisine).” [Italics provided for WTF?]