People, in their own words…(9/19/18)

Aug. 22, 2018
Brandon, from Chickasaw
“It’s all right, sometimes, to live in the moment. Go as you are. Right now, people are always on social media and watching how other people live their lives and will rush to be like the next person. The best thing is to be on your own time. That’s the way to live, no matter what. You can have all of the money, but if you can’t enjoy it and be on your own time, it ain’t even worth it.”


Aug. 6, 2018
Carolyn, from Park Hill
“I’ve been in Park Hill for almost 26 years. It’ll be 26 years in October. So, I’ve been here for awhile. I’m kind of ill, so I just hang out around here. I love going to church, but I haven’t been able to attend lately. Now, I just listen to it on my radio, but when I start feeling better, I’ll make it back in there. I have arthritis in my legs, and it’s been going on for some years. It keeps me from doing a lot of moving.

“With all of this going on, I’ve started to enjoy reading. I’ve learned how to read better. It makes me really want to go back to school. It’s never too late, you know. Things were just going on, in my life, that kept me from going back to school. I feel like I can really do it and see myself reach my goals.”


July 23, 2018
Justus, from Russell
“Life goes on, and you can’t let it stop you. You can’t sit in your misery, because you won’t get ahead. You gotta keep pushing and move forward. Every day’s a blessing. You gotta love your life.”

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