Record Review: Comforter — ‘Where The Heart Is’

Nostalgia, homesickness, forgiveness and technology’s negative impact are covered on Where The Heart Is, a contemplative album from Comforter that has the ability to make vivid, direct statements, while also evoking a fleeting, shifty daydream. Living somewhere close to shoegaze, Comforter’s versatile, atmospheric sound aligns well with the poetic and searching lyrics, forming a cohesive six-song record that’s still able to cover a lot of ground. “827 Melford” is a there-and-back-again push-and-pull between home and the road, while “The Wreckage” looks to heal the past, but it’s the closer, “That Feeling When,” that hits with the best line: “When you’re on your phone / You don’t have to learn how to be alone.”