10 Things To Do in Louisville Before the Summer Ends

With the end of summer coming up, it’s time to squeeze in as much as possible before fall. Here his our list of 10 things to do in Louisville before the summer ends. Have more suggestions? Let us know at [email protected]

Take a Hike
Before you’re forced into hibernation by the winter cold, spend time hiking. If you’re looking for ideas, check LEO’s guide to 10 great hiking trails within an hour drive of Louisville.

Swim in a Rock Quarry
Believe it or not, there are actually two rock quarries for you to swim in nearby. Falling Rock Quarry in LaGrange costs $15 and features plenty of rocky cliffs to jump off of, but because of those steep rock walls surrounding the lake, you also have to have a float, noodle or raft at all times. Paddleboards and kayaks are also welcome, but pets, fishing poles, alcohol and drugs are not. At Southside Quarry, the only cost is a donation at the door, but bring an ID to confirm your 21, and the rest is up to you. Or if swimming pools are more your style, check out LEO’s Guide to Swimming Holes for the Summer.

Try a New Restaurant
Louisville’s local restaurant scene is growing so fast it’s hard for even food critics to keep up. If you’re looking for recommendations, read all of LEO Food Critic Robin Garr’s recommendations here.

Register to Vote
Maybe you’re new to the city, maybe you moved over the summer and have a new voting district or maybe you’ve only recently gotten into politics because of He Who Shall Not Be Named. Either way, you should register to vote now before the Oct. 9 deadline creeps up on you, and you miss the opportunity to contribute your voice to the midterm elections on Nov. 6. To learn more about joining the resistance registering to vote, click here.

Go Gallery Hopping
Like restaurants, there is so much local art being made in Louisville it’s impossible to keep up, but it’s fun trying. Make a day of it and check out  local art galleries. Go here for LEO’s A&E Guide to plan your visits. And don’t forge to take advantage of Speed Art Museum’s Free Owsley Sundays, which provides free admission except for special exhibitions. 

Eat a Frozen Treat
Even someone with brain-freeze can figure out why this is on the list. When it’s hot out, you eat frozen treats. So check out LEO’s guide to frozen treats you may not know about, and enjoy!

People-Watch at the State Fair
Thou shalt not judge and all that crap, but come on, you know people-watching (read: silently judging) people at the state fair is fun. And in between people-watching, you can scarf down food that’ll take a few years off your life and check out this year’s largest pumpkin. It’s a win-win-win. So pick a day between Aug. 16-26, and see what our state has to offer. 

See a Drive-In Movie
Yes, drive-in movies are still a thing, and you only have to drive to Georgetown, Indiana to experience it. So grab your favorite movie snacks, get some friends together for a little road trip, and head to the Georgetown Drive-In for this blast from the past. The drive-in features two screens, each playing two different movies. Tickets are $11 per person.

Thrift Shop for a New School/Winter Outfit
You could always use a new outfit, and what better way to flesh out your unique look than to check out a few thrift stores for that perfect piece. Lucky for you, Louisville has a ton of great thrift shops, including Hey Tiger, The Nitty Gritty, Vintage Banana, Fat Rabbit Thrift & Vintage and Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment.

Kentucky Kingdom And Hurricane Bay
Kentucky Kingdom might not have roller coaster that match the scale of the monstrous ones at a place like Cedar Point, but what its rides lack in size, they make up for with clever twists and turns — not to mention the much shorter lines. And the attached waterpark, Hurricane Bay, offers a solid selection, as well — from a large wave pool to a number of slides to two lazy rivers. Hurry, because the park’s last day for full access is Sept. 3, with partial access to the waterpark on September weekends.