Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Kentucky can’t afford to lose more teeth  |  Rose

A rose goes to the activists, Courier Journal and others who highlighted the evil stupidity behind Gov. Matt Bevin’s decision to cut off dental and vision benefits for some 400,000 Medicaid users. Their pressure pushed Bevin to restore the services… at least for now.

(b)leet, never too early to go negative  |  Thorn

Republican mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet should find a new bell to ring besides the Explorer Scout scandal. She now asserts that Mayor Greg Fischer lied about what he knew and when. Angela, why not talk about what you would do as mayor? You know, like get rid of all bike lanes and let developers kill more trees.

Incomplete truth  |  Thorn

That said, when the city investigation into the Explorer Scout scandal was released, the investigator said his conclusion that there was no cover-up could have been different if he had access to all of the information. So… we don’t actually know what happened, like who knew what and when. The news media seems to think it is not worth including that detail in follow-ups.

Bitter ingredients  |  Absurd

The swirl of events following the initial news of Papa John Schnatter’s crime has been astounding, with bizarre tidbits floating to the top like turds in the bowl. Such as… After his NFL debacle, Schnatter did not want to work with Kanye West as co-pitchmen because… “ … he uses the ‘N’ word in his lyrics,” Schnatter told the board of directors in a letter.

Golden arches drive-through  |  Rose

We approve of the Second Street Bridge’s new color — butter yellow. In Louisville’s pollen- and smog-infused summer air, the bridge shimmers almost like… gold.