Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Better UofL trustees board? then, better ingredients  |  Thorn

Aside from illuminating the depths of this nation’s racism, perhaps the worst part of the Papa John Schnatter reveal is that he is off the UofL Board of Trustees. Why? Because now Gov. Matt “My Bell Done Got Rung” Bevin gets to replace him. If nothing else, Schnatter proved to be a voice of dissent on the board and the UofL Foundation board, targeting the rogue athletics department and Foundation investments and real estate deals. Which sycophant will Bevin find to replace him?

Why is yum! mum?  |  Absurd

Caught in the Papa John’s shit storm is KFC. We imagine Yum! marketing people are growing ulcers and living on a diet of fingernails while waiting for Col. Sanders’ name to be forgotten in this mess. If they come to Sanders’ defense, they risk that someone might prove he actually did use the n-word, as Papa John Schnatter claimed. A story in the Courier Journal asserts “it’s impossible to know whether Sanders ever used the N-word,” but press in the 1960s said he was a “known contributor” to the campaigns of Alabama Gov. George Wallace Jr., remembered for saying: “ … segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” The also story says Time reported that Wallace considered Sanders for a presidential running mate. [Update: Sanders’ family told the CJ he never used the n-word, is not a racist and that Schnatter is a “weasel.”]

Let’s just return the pizza  |  Thorn

Kentucky’s junior (in many ways) senator, Rand Paul, told the CJ he would not return donations from Schnatter. His spokesman then asked: “Are any of the TV stations or newspapers going to give back the advertising money they have taken from Papa John’s over the years?” All U.S. Mitch McConnell has said about his pizza cash is:  “I don’t adopt the views of my donors … I’ve got a lot of donors, and I’m sure proud I’ve had a lot of donors because it helps me win,” the CJ reported.

A forecastle for all  |  Rose

Say what you want about the body-painted broheims, scantily-clad sparkle tweens and culture-appropriating, dreadlocked trust-funders who attended Forecastle, but the festival offered a wide diversity of music. Behold just one slice of simultaneous goodness Saturday afternoon: GlitterTitz, the West Louisville Showcase, Hippie Sabotage and Jenny Lewis. If you couldn’t find something to like, then you are a corpse.