A nation of mean

We’re reaching peak nonsense, and it’s sickening to see just how poisoned by it all we have become. A shirtless, flexing, Nazi Viking, pickup artist and pro-rape video game enthusiast spewing verbal diarrhea about the alpha-male, sword-swinging, white nationalist complex is now commonplace. Just another side attraction gaining traction in the shit-show circus that are these modern times of ours.

Fuck, you can buy a  T-shirt that says so!

Because, of course, every idiot has a merch table full of dick pills and brain supplements now! Purchase a patch, a sticker, a hat, an elixir or a fucking book proving you’re an intellectual dip-shit trying to uncover truths too hard to swallow for the frothing-at-the-mouth masses that you yourself are a member of, no matter how hard you protest otherwise. “Clean your room and obey the old, rich, white guy.”

Nah, fuck you, and fuck that. I work in paints with four dogs running amok… my room stays wrecked! Old-timey, family-value conservatives and alt-right odious toad worshipers are some of the most reprehensible snakes I’ve ever encountered in the wild of day. “Hypocrisy” is a word that doesn’t even apply anymore. The masquerade is fucking over, and they’ve gone full force evil under the spotlights. They don’t follow the Bible or the words mounted on the Statue of Liberty, but, instead, gobble up the hateful and shockingly dense rhetoric being shoveled out nonstop by the likes of bearded, casserole fart Gavin McInnes and Blitzkrieg Barbie Tomi Lahren, whom I recently heard described as “the most dunked on person in the history of Twitter.” And why in God’s name would anyone follow, spread and adore someone described thusly? Because America ain’t that bright, that’s why! A nation of mean dummies getting off on acts of cruelty. At this point, the only way FOX News could be any more racist is if Brian Kilmeade reanimated the corpse of Bull Conner on live television and unleashed him onto the public.

We’re locking kids in cages by the thousands and are the down-with-white Christ crew, either enthusiastically cheering this practice on, now that sadistic dreams of torture are all coming true, or they’re denying it’s even happening, with their favorite and most bizarre claim that it’s nothing more than those pesky, crisis actors up to their old tricks again in order to get a payout from George Soros.

“Hillary Clinton shot wild horses from a helicopter” and “the gay stoled my family from me” are two, real outbursts made by a Bible-thumping family member, who is so far gone on the Trump train that he no longer lives in any form of a logical reality. He’s taken up residence in Bozoland with a billion other brain-dead crackers who shake with fear at night with thoughts of MS-13 crawling out from under their bed and driving a cocaine-coated machete right into their law-abiding hearts. When, in fact, the chances of any of you coming face to face with a member of Mara Salvatrucha are so astronomically low, you have a better chance of getting bit in two by the Loch Ness monster while vacationing in Death Valley, you gross, fuckin’ imbecile! You, you fuckin moron!

Get off the internet, stop voting for power-mad gangsters, stop calling the police on black people who are just out enjoying their lives, you cretin! Stop having public fucking meltdowns because your crackpot mind can’t fathom why people speak Spanish or Vietnamese, or, god forbid, a cat from Haiti spitting French instead of the garbled, hick-speak you so stupidly proclaim is English, as if you’re the William fucking Wordsworth of Dixie Highway! And do something useful with your fucked-face self, like, I don’t know, Clean Your Fuckin Room, if that’s all you got going on in your miserable, rotten life, but leave the rest of us the fuck alone to pursue a better day tomorrow than what you are making it today, with your fear-based delusions and out and out acts of hate. In other words, make yourself scarce from the workings of humanity.