Record Review: Touch AC + Dr. Dundiff – ‘DEATH’

There is an interesting dichotomy between the vibe of the production and the general themes of death on the newest album by emcee Touch AC, joined here by Dr. Dundiff. There is something so entirely joyous about the total package, from Dundiff’s energetic beats, to Touch’s fierce delivery. Punctuated with what sounds like children’s book samples and classic R&B, there is a kind of timelessness to the music. An ode to Lord Wendell, Touch’s recently departed canine companion, Touch takes ample opportunity here to parse his conflicting emotions, from embracing a new and evolving future, while lamenting his forlorn past. This is a colorful album, featuring 8-bit tinged beats and spiritual lyrics, a cyclical acknowledge of life and death, the filter for a love that cannot be contained.