Photos from NuLu Bock Fest

This past Saturday, NuLu Bock Fest took over Market Street. Featuring beer, vendors and goat races, the third-year event marked one of the season’s first street festivals. The goat races were conveniently placed between Billy Goat Strut Alley and Nanny Goat Strut Alley. This year, the baby goat race champion was “Lil Smokey” and the adult champion was “Robert Mueller,” who faced off against “Gin and Tonic” in the finals.

Masked goat man before the baby goat race, hyping up the crowd
Baby goat race finals
Lil’ Smokey crosses the finish line
Mighty Titan Challenge Games
Garage Bar
Bock Beer vendor
Worn out dog
Art Go-Kart
William Hornaday
Waiting for the adult goat race finals
Adult Goat Championship
“Robert Mueller” about to cross the finish line