Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Old-man county schools  |  Thorn and Absurd

Students from Oldham County who joined National Walkout Day were warned they would be disciplined, including detention, suspension and revoked parking and prom privileges. The district claimed a student walkout would be dangerous for students. “Defiance of authority has to have consequences,” district Director of Communications Lori McDowell said, the Oldham Era newspaper reported. And the North Oldham High School principal said, “I believe the consequence that each student will receive is going to be a very positive one.” Adults are so confusing.

Low hanging freaks  |  Absurd

The “Jerry Springer”-esque story of self-proclaimed white supremacist Matthew Heimbach (see story and chart to the left) brings forth many emotions (chief among them, laughter and schadenfreude). It also raises gross possibilities, as LEO writer Kurt Metzmeier pointed out: “Prisoners dilemma: You are forced to watch a sex tape but can choose among two: (a) Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels or (b) Matthew Heimbach and Jessica Parrott. Wildcard: You still have your shoelaces.”

Making no wave  |  Thorn

The self-appointed busybodies of The Steering Committee for Action on Louisville’s Agenda, grossly rich people basically replacing the chamber of commerce, have brought forth detractors and supporters. Are they people interested in helping? Good. Are they rich people using their influence and money to secretly eclipse democratic rule? Baaaad. WAVE 3’s news vice president and general manager, Ken Selvaggi, apparently does not see the difference. He wrote an editorial supporting SCALA, saying: “Impressive focus and more power to them — even if the members of the group have been called power-brokers.”

Finally, a decoder ring  |  Rose

Insider Louisville’s Joe Sonka found the news in an otherwise insulting, vacuous meeting regarding West Louisville recently. Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin and tRump clowns want to use new rules in the tax-cut bill to create “‘Opportunity Zones’ — low-income areas in which major investors would be incentivized by significantly reduced capital gains taxes.” The story also points out that this could “lead to investors being subsidized for gentrifying neighborhoods …”