Behind-the-scenes photos of ‘American Tales’

No, this isn’t a play about Fievel and his wacky journey out West (that’s An American Tail). While equally endearing and adventurous, American Tales works three different tall tales from frontier days. They are threaded together by a substitute art teacher, Esperanza (played by Alisha Espinosa). She is expected to teach a history class, but what ensues is an art teacher’s inventive way of working around her lack of training in history, thus creating elaborate renditions of American tall tales. The actors and the sets switch up from story to story, making each scene an ever-changing experiment. The photos below show the company working out the Br’er Rabbit scene during their tech week. The performances will take place at the Bomhard Theater at The Kentucky Center on March 24, March 31 and April 14.

Ben Evans (as Br’er Fox)
Detail of the Br’er as the actors work out its movement during rehearsal.
Director Andrew Harris (center) working with actress DeAria Hermani as Br’er Rabbit  (left) and Steffan Clark as Creative Spirit (right).
Costume adjusting before a new take.
Director Andrew Harris working with the actors in the Br’er patch.
Gracie Taylor as Creative Spirit (left), DeAria Hermani as Br’er Rabbit (center) and Alisha Espinosa as Esperanza (right).
Detail of Alisha Espinosa’s (as Esperanza) skirt
Adjusting scenery.
Esperanza’s shoes.
Detail of Esperanza’s shoes.
Director Andrew Harris working out DeAria Hermani’s (as Br’er Rabbit) approach to the end of the scene.
Costume Designer Evan Prizant comes on set to speak to Gracie Taylor (as Creative Spirit).
Alisha Espinosa (as Esperanza) holds during scenery adjustments.
Megan Adair (as Harris et al) speaks to the directors about timing and cues.