Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Absurd

Boo Hoo, Bob  |  Thorn

Another rich guy, Bruce Perkins, has withdrawn his multimillion-dollar pledges from UofL because of “extreme dissatisfaction with current leadership,” Courier Journal reported. The story included the lamentations of Robert Hughes, former board of trustees chairman, who complained that donating a $1.4-million house to the UofL Foundation did not buy him enough attention from the school. “How much have I heard from the university since that donation or since I was a trustee? Basically nothing. My wife and I are both graduates, but we’re kind of thrown to the curb.”

Lost inside the details  |  Thorn

The hubbub over former state cabinet secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson shouldn’t have been about whether UofL knew she was running for Congress as the school considered her for a teaching job. It should be over the stench of cronyism: Did she deserve a $200,000-a-year teaching job while her former boss, Gov. Matt Bevin, worked to slash UofL’s budget? The outrage should also be about whether she was qualified. Turns out she was not. In a rejection letter, UofL said that she appeared to lack teaching experience and academic research, CJ reported.

Now, about those cows…  |  Rose

The same people who blocked same-sex couples from marrying and allow sex with cows also think it is OK for a 16-year-old to wed in some cases. In 2018! Senate Bill 48 would end that, raising the legal age to 18. A district judge could allow a 17-year-old to marry if the age difference is fewer than four years.

Another sneaker drops  |  Thorn

Looks like UK might also be swept up in this sneaker-for-play scandal that has rocked UofL. We imagine that all schools will be included before this ends, which begs the question: How much longer will we pretend that the NCAA has any place in an educational setting? Separate college sports from colleges, as do the Europeans. At least then it wouldn’t be an issue if you want to, say, throw a stripper and sex party for the team. Also, players finally would get paid, and the teams would not Hoover up education dollars.

Cowabunga, river’s up  |  Absurd

Sure did rain a lot. That must be why it is called River Road. Good thing we don’t drink that wat… Oh.