Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

GOP mayoral candidate leet, leading with no opinion?  |  Thorn

The Metro City Council voted 19-2 to require the city to post a 21-day notice and make other notifications before clearing homeless encampments. Republicans Julie Denton and Marilyn Parker voted against the proposal, Courier Journal reported. Councilwoman Angela Leet, R-7th District, who is running for mayor, voted present. Really? Leet couldn’t make up her mind?

What is it with Republicans and our kids’ bathrooms?  |  Thorn

While the state is poised to cut millions of dollars from public schools, House Bill 326 would require schools to provide bathrooms and locker rooms for students corresponding to their “immutable biological sex as male or female,” or risk paying damages if sued. “It’s a bill to protect the individuals that do not want to have to participate in that kind of facility,” state Rep. David Hale, R-Wellington, a church pastor, told the Lexington Herald-Leader. Nearly a fifth of the House signed on as sponsors.

The color of your money  |  Thorn

The city’s dithering over the fate of offensive public art may cost all of us. Impatient people splashed paint on the John B. Castleman statue in Cherokee Triangle (for a second time) and the George D. Prentice statue at the downtown library. Castleman was a Confederate soldier, and Prentice was an anti-immigrant journalist who helped spark the Bloody Monday riot in 1855. The first paint cleanup cost the city some $8,200.

Union strong!  |  Rose

Kentucky Kingdom reversed itself and now opposes SB 35, which would allow seasonal businesses to not pay overtime. What changed its mind? A threat of a union boycott, CJ reported.

To clarify  |  Thorn

We used this space last week to push CJ to resume writing editorials, citing two Pulitzer Prizes awarded for them. To clarify, the second was editorializing in support of a Pulitzer for Public Service in 1967. One can imagine the series on strip mining would not have won if the paper hadn’t taken a strong editorial stand, such as: “Kentucky CAN Stop The Ravage.”