Photos from the Gravy Cup

The flooding outside of Mellwood didn’t stop flocks of people from eating biscuits drizzled in gravy. The 6th annual Gravy Cup competition was a face-off between chefs and family recipes, competing in the categories of traditional, non-traditional and vegetarian. Some of the amateur chefs brought recipes that have been passed down in the family for six generations.

Flora Kitchenette
Live music at the Gravy Cup
The Exchange
Edie’s Famous B&G
Tattoo Charlie’s
The Gravy Cup, People’s Choice
Kentucky Princess
Madame Fretageot’s Chicken & Gravy
Cajun Chicken Gravy From Proof on Main
Winners of the Gravy Cup. PeoplesChoice: ZEGGZ. BestTraditional: ZEGGZ.
Best Non-Traditional: Brooklyn and The Butcher. Best Vegetarian: Buddy Tiberius Wheeler.