Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Mitch McConnell Louisville Slugger
Mitch McConnell handing Donald Trump a Louisville Slugger.

Batter up!  |  Absurd

Remember when your daddy would make you go out and pick the switch with which he would tan your hide? Hmm… we don’t either. But we bet that is what tRump had in mind when Mitch McConnell presented him with a Louisville Slugger after passage of the tax-deform bill.

A good felon with a gun  |  Thorn

We find some of the most interesting facts at the end of Courier Journal stories, like this one: More than half of the guns that the 9th Mobile Division seized this year from high-crime areas belonged to people who had a previous felony conviction.

Just say know  |  Thorn

Finally, Braidy Industries has revealed its shareholders, other than us — the state of Kentucky. You may recall Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin snookered lawmakers into approving a $15 million investment without telling them it was for a business that has yet to produce anything. You know — government picking winners. The state refuses to release the names of shareholders, but CJ said Braidy’s CEO gave in: A Swedish guy, a Chicago lawyer’s trust, a scientist, an economist and a retired Army general, among others, are in the financial barrel with us.

Making it faster, safer For Elaine Chao to get lost  |  Absurd

Elaine Chao, who is U.S. Department of Transportation secretary and shares a house with Mitch McConnell, recently kicked off a $35-million plan to improve traffic flow, bus service and safety on Dixie Highway. Chao said that, as a Louisville resident, she “has spent a lot of time driving Dixie Highway … “ Uh… maybe when she gets lost… a lot! We hopes she takes Mitch with her.