Photo Set: We went behind the scenes of Louisville Orchestra’s ‘The Greatest’

Last Friday, the night before the performance of the Louisville Orchestra’s “The Greatest: Muhammad Ali,” we hung out at the final dress rehearsal, taking behind-the-scenes photos. “The Greatest” was composed by Teddy Abrams, directed by Jubilant Sykes — who also performs — and featured Rhiannon Giddens (founding member of the Grammy-award winning band Carolina Chocolate Drops) and Jecorey “1200” Arthur, among others.

The percussion section.
The production room.
Various wireless microphones.
A harp being tuned.
Making last minute notes.
The Orchestra gathers.
Music stands with sheet music.
Last minute tuning.
Narrator Olivia Dawson.
Jecorey “1200” Arthur as Muhammad Ali.
Narrator Olivia Dawson and Teddy Abrams
Vocalist Rhiannon Giddens.
Vocalist Rhiannon Giddens and the Orchestra.
Jecorey “1200” Arthur as Muhammad Ali.
Arthur as Muhammad Ali with dancer Brandon Ragland.
Dancer Brandon Ragland.
Jecorey “1200” Arthur as Muhammad Ali.
Vocalist Jubilant Sykes with Orchestra.
Vocalist Jubilant Sykes.
Actress Ramona Lindsey.
Actor Matt Wallace as President John F. Kennedy.
Robert Thompson portraying Malcolm X.
The JFK Address.
An Amiri Baraka speech.
A Malcolm X speech.