Papa John’s pigswill, and Bevin is, uh… convincing…

We should start a podcast, mate. Broadcast live from the khazi at Molly’s.

What, and convert our reader into a listener? Bit late to shift to sound when the entire media industry is pivoting to video. Plus the background noise might be a bit off-putting — Finbar locked in a cubicle after another Arsenal spanking, sobbing ‘Wenger out’ into a pint of warm Guinness. But pray, enlighten me, what got you thinking about podcasts?

There’s good wedge in it now. Startup money. That’s the Holy Grail, because, when you get that startup money, failure is not only an option, it’s an expectation and a tax write-off. You can piss it up the wall, and nobody bats an eyelid.

You are, I assume, referring to Podchaser, this Louisville startup that’s aiming to become the IMDB of podcasts? I wish them all the luck in the world and, from what I understand, they have good backers and good people, which is all you can hope for. However, you’re fundamentally misunderstanding the basic concept of modern venture capital — to wit, they get the capital, you provide the venture, gratis. Besides, podcasts are the LinkedIn of the media world. Everybody thinks they’ve got to do them, but nobody knows why.

Still, we should consider it. My silky-smooth Surrey delivery will dovetail nicely with your excruciating Cockney banter. Big hit, I reckon.

Yet still pretty much doing it for free, which is no different than writing for LEO. Honestly, mate, I haven’t got the time, even if I had the inclination. Apart from anything it would presumably require spending more than two minutes in your company every fortnight, and that’ll inspire a firm “No” from me every time it’s posed. Not unlike any sensible reaction to Bevin’s pension plan.

Which’ll draw a resounding “Yes” from a majority of the state legislature — eventually, with the odd tweak here or there, I reckon. Long-term, it’ll be an unmitigated disaster for public-sector workers, whose pensions are going to end up tied to the stock markets without even the poxy safety net that Social Security provides. Like Bevin believes another stock market crash will never happen. Not that it’ll matter to him — he’ll be long gone by then, and his governor’s pension will be intact.

He was some sort of financial advisor before, wasn’t he? No wonder he’s now a Republican politician, he must have been shit at it: “I recommend that you put all of your pension into the markets, specifically into funds managed by my mates, who offer no accountability or backup plan.” Yeah — thanks pal, and a begging bowl is the only hedge.

It’s a horrible plan that’ll likely fail on two fronts: It won’t really tackle our pension-deficit problems, and it’ll create a significant decline in the quality of people filling public sector positions in Kentucky. Even so, while there might be token oppo from some state Republicans who represent middle-class-ish constituencies, I can’t see it failing to pass. Teachers, in particular, have been used as political punchbags for so long, it’s hard to imagine the vast majority of Kentuckians giving enough of a shit.

It’ll fail because even they can see it’s shit. Although in this doublethink world we now inhabit they probably also believe Bevin, don’t they?

Which I can well understand. One thing liberals seem to have a hard-on for is underestimating Bevin. He’s an incredibly convincing speaker.

You what? Is he bollocks.

See, there you go, underestimating him. I’m not saying I agree with him, in fact, I can’t think of a single issue where I do agree with him, but if you’re generally sympathetic to right-wing ideas and not a particularly well-read listener, he can be incredibly convincing.

Quite the contrarian this week, aren’t you? Next you’ll be trying to tell me that Papa John makes a decent pizza.

Meh, for middle-of-the road corporate pizzas they work as pigswill. My family hasn’t eaten one since Schnatter complained about adding 14 cents per pie, or whatever it was, to pay for his sub-minimum-wage slaves to have access to affordable healthcare. But obviously lots of people are, because he ain’t getting that much poorer.

I actually ordered one last night, to be honest — it’s my way of thanking him for bringing down Jurich and Pitino. However, I suppose when you measure your wealth in the hundreds of millions, the bad days look worse than they are. And I do happen to think that the backlash against some of his comments on the NFL are largely unwarranted. His complaint about the NFL is at least partly right. Total fucking shambles, and if I’d given them millions to advertise, I’d be naffed off too.

Maybe true — but naïve to think he’s not firmly in the owners’ camp. And there’s no way an agreement that satisfies both sides can happen if one side’s default position is “Do what we tell you.” The players are protesting police brutality, and what the hell can the NFL do about that? So the only compromise would have been to allow the protests to continue until the issue at the heart of the protest is resolved.

True, and that said, maybe we are getting carried away in our magnanimity toward Schnatter. The only kind of compromise the NFL would offer is the same kind of compromise John Kelly had in mind when he spewed his nonsense about the Civil War.

The “I Stay Master, You Stay Slave” compromise. Just like our relationship. Podcast heaven, surely?