Beer meets philosophy at Migo

It was the Greek philosopher Plato who said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.”

Tastefully stated from a guy who knew what he was talking about. Another well-known figure also has a thought-provoking quote about one of the world’s favorite drinks: “Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.”

That was actor and general smart-ass Jack Nicholson.

Philosopher and author Mark Dillof would probably endorse both schools of thought. Dillof is currently leading a series of seminars titled Philosophy on Tap. The series started Oct. 1 with “Self-Knowledge and Freedom,” but three more are coming and time remains to register.

On Sunday, Oct. 8, Dillof will lead a discussion on the topic of “Erotic Mysteries,” asking the questions,” What are we really searching for and why can’t we find it?” And more importantly, “What’s Eros [the Greek god of sexual attraction] got to do with it?”

Next, on Oct. 15, it’s “The Enigma of Evils,” which delves into humanity’s dark side, asking the question “What are the roots of malevolence?”

The series wraps up Oct. 22 with “The Final Mystery: Secrets of Death, Rebirth & Self-Transformation.” In this final seminar, Dillof will lead a discussion into using life transitions to gain self-knowledge and liberation. Not to mention libation.

Why beer and philosophy? Dillof believes they’re a match made in, well, utopia.

“There’s something about beer — especially craft beer, especially stout or porter — that I find to be conducive to philosophical reflection,” Dillof told me. “Not surprisingly, I’ve had some of my deepest philosophical discussions while drinking with friends, at a pub.”

He then added, “On the other hand, I’ve had some great discussions over a bottle of Three Philosophers Ale, a Belgian beer made by Brewery Ommegang that bears the tagline, “made for contemplation.”

Also, Dillof apparently doubles as a philosophical magician named The Amazing Dillini who, according to a flier about the series, “will bring along his bag of tricks to illustrate some abstruse philosophical notions.” (How can you not want to see a magician who uses words like “abstruse”?)

Anyway, the sessions are held at Migo at 2222 Dundee Road, 5:45-8 p.m., and cosponsored by Goodwood Brewing. Cost to attend is $45 per session, which includes two Goodwood beers and a Mexican dinner. Space is limited, so call (859) 229-2824 to reserve a spot.

Because, as Martin Luther said, “Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!”

A pungent tasting at Donum Dei

Breweries host tastings all the time, usually from a guest brewery or from a series of new releases, but Donum Dei Brewery in New Albany will host a tasting of a different type on Oct. 19 — this one involves tasting garlic.

Yes, garlic.

Sirocco Ridge Farm from Henryville will bring in six different types of garlic for attendees to taste and learn about. It’s part of what the farm calls its Great Garlic Gathering (G3) Event. Hey, garlic is garlic, so the gathering has to be pretty great, right?

Donum Dei owner Richard Otey said the tasting is part of a twice-yearly tasting the brewery hosts. The program has been going on for the last three years, and won’t stop now.

The garlic-tasting event is free and is 6-8 p.m.; all of the different garlics presented, including a special wild garlic, will be available for purchase. Bring your own breath mints. And, hey, I’m just hoping the next one isn’t exotic cucumbers.

Gravely’s beer garden is ready and waiting

The beer garden area at Gravely Brewing Co., which opened in August, is now replete with plenty of seating, and an upper deck area, located above the historic beer caverns. It is paved and ready for enjoying what’s left of the warm, sunny weather.

The food from Mayan Street Food is tasty, a new double IPA called Supergroup has been rolled out, and there aren’t many better views of downtown to be had. That’s going to be one fine place for people to watch Thunder Over Louisville from afar.

Fried Fish Fridays at Cumberland

For years, Cumberland Brewery has been offering a bison burger, fries and a pint of your choice every Wednesday for $12, and a New York Strip steak with potatoes and a pint every Thursday for the same price. (OK, they started at $10, but inflation happens everywhere.)

Hey, it’s a great deal, and one I wish I had time to take advantage of more often. Well, recently I noticed Cumberland crowing about an offer called Fried Fish Friday. Inflation hasn’t yet hit this deal, because for $10, you’ll get a half-pound of fried cod, fries, slaw and a pint. Doing a scan of Cumberland’s Facebook page, this deal has been happening for a while now. Apparently, I need to pay better attention, because someone besides social media has to share good brewery news like this.