Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

More Bevin secrets  |  Thorn

After Republican U.S. Rep. James Comer released his tax returns and attacked Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin for not doing the same, our grandiloquent and august leader said: “It’s not required by law, and it’s not going to be done. You can bring it up from now until the cows come home. I’m never going to.” He also told The Associated Press that Comer’s assertion that Bevin had promised to do so was “a complete fabrication of the media.”

Bevin’s bull… er… hockey  |  Rose

Speaking of Bevin’s battle with the media, Forrest Berkshire, editor of The Kentucky Standard in Bardstown, bit back at Blake Brickman, who penned an op-ed denouncing the state’s two largest newspapers. “Nearly every one of Kentucky’s 120 counties has a local newspaper. We might not cover state politics on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean we are going to help sling the governor’s bull hockey at reporters covering his administration in Frankfort.” Bravo, Berkshire on blasting Bevin’s Brickman.

Wish we were wrong  |  Thorn

Two conventions scrapped visits here because of the California ban on state-funded travel to the state, city officials claim. The ban centers on a new law that could exclude LGTBQ students from joining school clubs. Cost of the cancellations to the city: $2 million. Especially telling was that UPS and Brown-Forman representatives were at the news conference when this was announced. We predicted the state’s social agenda would cost it business.

Proof: UofL b-ball, all about the bucks and bling  |  Thorn

UofL says basketball coach Rick Pitino is on his own when it comes to fighting his NCAA punishment: a five game suspension. UofL says it will focus its appeal on maintaining revenue and appearances, but leave Ricky to file his own appeal.

Who is the criminal?  |  Thorn

Maybe you saw the epic, high-speed chase from Louisville to Southern Indiana, recorded from a helicopter. The alleged purse thief was captured in a field as a swarm of cops dragged him out of the truck and to the ground, with at least one punching him. Explain that, please.