Modern Experts: A Q&A with Barry Wooley, president/CEO, Barry Wooley Designs

If you don’t necessarily have an eye for design, moving into a new space can become a bit daunting when it comes to how you’ll decorate it. Barry Wooley, president and CEO of Barry Wooley Designs, is renowned in the community and beyond for his creativity and comprehensive design acumen. To help those of us who may need a little guidance when embarking on an interior design project, Modern Louisville spoke with Barry to get tips and tricks of the trade.

What would your first piece of advice be for individuals moving into a new space, ready to start decorating?
 Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Make a mental note of what initially drew you into this new space and keep the integrity of those features. Marrying your style to the character of the home creates an inviting and dynamic space that is uniquely you.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when embarking on an interior design project in a new space?
“Who am I designing for?” Each home and space is exclusive to those who dwell within it. Considering the lifestyle and personality of the person, family or business drives the design in a specific direction, and I then craft the project around functionality, blended with beautiful finishes.

How frequently do you think folks should consider changing up the interior design of their home?
Utilizing seasonal pillows, florals and accessories is a great way to keep you interior space feeling fresh without starting from scratch. Changing up the layout of your furniture also lends a helping hand in feeling new and creating new traffic patterns to prevent wear on your rugs and flooring. Outside of those guidelines, I would say every five years or so it doesn’t hurt to refresh your space. Purchasing quality pieces also helps prevent the need for starting over every couple of years.

What accents or pieces do you think really help a home pop and stand out?
Paint and lighting. Paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create a statement inside and outside your home. Lighting accentuates those colors and spaces and allows you to create specific moods in each room. In turn, paint and lighting can also help mask those troublesome areas that you don’t want to draw attention to. All of the bells and whistles that follow make your home stand out, but color and light are the foundation to great interior design.

Any advice on how to best transition a home from summer to fall?
Switch out your decorative pillows and trade in your lighter-weight fabrics for heavier and cozier ones. Display your seasonal fruits and vegetables in a bowl in your kitchen and change out seasonal fresh flowers in your living and sleeping spaces. Set your dining table with warmer colors and extra candles. The exterior is a great place to make simple yet striking changes through seasonal plants and décor like mums, pumpkins and gords.

Finally, what’s your favorite room in a house?
The kitchen – it’s where the food is! It’s almost always the most-used room in a home – definitely in ours. Commonly, it is where most families come together and the best place for entertaining!