Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

‘Get the comfy chair!’  |  Thorn

UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino will miss five games as a penalty for the hookers-for-players scandal. That is right: teenagers supplied with prostitutes. UofL says the penalty is unfair because Pitino did not know about the hookers. But we say he should have known. He is either incompetent or a liar. So will he lose salary for those games, or will the UofL Foundation pay that? What would merit a real penalty? Having sex with a woman not his wife in a restaurant?

Blockhead Bevin  |  Absurd

We would like to think LEO was the first blocked by Gov. Matt “Oblivous” Bevin. Regardless, we are in good company. He has blocked more than 500 on Twitter, according to a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting story. So much for using social media to promote transparency, Matt.

Keep your Johnsons to yourself  |  Thorn

What is it with Dan Johnsons? First, failed, state Legislature candidate Dan Johnson of Bullitt County posts racist images of the Obamas. Then, Louisville’s Dan Johnson is accused of groping a fellow City Council member and mooning a woman, all of which he says was accidental. “Truth is, she touched me first when she nestled against my left side,” he said. If needed, a defense could be that president-in-pussy-grabber has deputized all men to grope women?

Congress — take a lesson  |  Thorn

UofL trustees board Chairman J. David “Grissom announced during the meeting that the board would no longer approve spending and other projects before trustees had a chance to understand what they are voting on … ‘I don’t think we should be doing what the previous board was doing,’ Grissom said. ‘It got them in to a lot of trouble.’” — The Courier-Journal.

A journey begins with a step  |  Rose

Dan Canon, a civil-rights lawyer who may run for the 9th Congressional District in Indiana, has filed a lawsuit with a colleague to legalize medicinal pot in Kentucky. It claims the law violates privacy rights and is unconstitutional. Don’t get too excited. Canon told WFPL that the litigation has not succeeded elsewhere: “There isn’t any such thing.”