Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Not a ham sandwich — a ham  |  Thorn

A New York judge was once quoted as saying: “Any good prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.” But not UofL basketball program wrecker Katina Powell, even though she wrote that she provided prostitutes — and her 15- and 17-year-old daughters —for the players and recruits. Prosecutor Tom Wine said her confession without other evidence is not enough for an indictment. Her reaction on Facebook? “No indictment… Still love some me. #Katinapowell.”

See: Titanic and deck chairs  |  Thorn

Police Chief Steve Conrad rearranged leadership at his department last week, while the city appears headed toward another record year of homicides, opiate abuse intensifies and no one knows who knew what when — yet — in the Explorer Scout sex scandal.

Flank steaks and smart cookies  |  Rose

Spalding University may have bought the closed Krogers on South Second Street to protect its flank from development or prepare for its own, but now it is considering how to return a grocery to that spot to address the urban food desert. Good work. That is edumacting students by example.

City wants to put some fun between your legs  |  Rose

LouVelo is now open for bicycling. Twenty seven stations in downtown, NuLu, OldLu and Butchlu with 305 bikes available for rent: $3.50 for 30 minutes, and $15 per month for unlimited hourlong rides.

Let us now not praise… assholes  |  Thorn

Former U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning has died. He is being remembered fondly, because — well, that is what you do with dead people, generally. But let us not forget that Bunning was a nasty man whose temper and intemperance are legendary. Remember when he was running for a second term and said that his Democratic opponent Daniel Mongiardo looked like one of Saddam Hussein’s sons? Or that he predicted that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would die within nine months of surgery for pancreatic cancer? We guess the Notorious R.B.G. has had the last laugh.