Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

Fool the city once, twice, whatevs — shame on no one  |  Thorns

The Omni Hotel developers had agreed with the city demand to include “a high quality, full-service urban grocery store selling prepared and unprepared food, other consumables, and grocery items.” Why? Because urban food desert. But the Omni’s version of a grocery will include “a wine shop, a market kitchen, a cooler-freezer, a pizza kitchen, a coffee kitchen, a wine cooler,” The Courier-Journal reported. Sounds like the city has been duped… again.

Get ready for budget cuts  |  Thorns

A new calculation of the state pension debt says we owe some $2 billion more than we thought. If Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin has done anything right, it is to attack the pension problem and hint at tax hikes. Can he convince the GOP majority to raise taxes, or will it simply cut services and raise tuitions?

Big shill day  |  Thorns

Mayor Greg Fischer proclaimed May 16 as Big Red Day…. you, know, for that cloying soda. WTF?

No prospect for the poor  |  Thorns

The city of Prospect doesn’t like poor, old people. Nearly 1,000 residents signed a petition opposing an affordable housing project for the elderly. And city set aside $100,000 to block it. Don’t they know they can eat the poor?

Get the fuck outta here  |  Rose

The internet machine has helped Amazon kill indie bookstores, but last week it was used to boost Carmichael’s Bookstore. Shea Serrano, a wildly-popular writer for The Ringer and a best-selling author, decided to throw support on Twitter to Carmichael’s. Sure, the store sells his “The Rap Year Book,” but he asked his 135,000 followers — known as the #FOHArmy, short for “get the fuck outta here” — to place 1,000 orders including any books in one day. It took about five hours to do it. Carmichael’s tweeted: “Today’s lesson: do not F with the FOH.”

No really…get the fuck outta here  |  Absurd

…And then The CJ put the Carmichael’s story on its front page because, well…  that was one of the most important things to happen in the city that day.