Photo Set: The How-To Festival

Six years ago, the How-To Festival at the Louisville Free Public Library had only 50 things for people to learn.

On Saturday, there were 100.

“Basically, the Library does programming and wants to help facilitate lifelong learning anyway, and we thought you know people’s lives are busy, why not just do a big festival where we throw a whole bunch of programs at them all at once so people can learn as much as they can in five hours,” said Paul Burns, Library director of communications.

How-To Festival
Festival goers practice self defense techniques with each other.
Alan White (right) of St. Matthews Martial Arts demonstrates how to defend against attackers.
How-To Festival
Pam Brashear performs with the Nu Chapter Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong Health Institute.
Festival goers practice their Tai Chi while attending one of the many programs at the Louisville Free Public Library’s How-To Fest.
How-To Festival
(From left to right) Jordan Gabbard, Isabelle Boehnert-Kureger and Ursula Boehnert teach German words and phrases at the How-To Fest.