Gov. Bevin’s bromance with Trump and Pence

Gov. Matt Bevin’s tweet on Thursday said it all about the bromance he has with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Bevin was overtly perturbed by the recent, daily tidal wave of crises coming from the White House. In response, he shot out a tweet of he and his bestie Pence, professing their power-bromance and mutual support.

I don’t think the tide has turned… I think it’s always been an iceberg straight off the Arctic Russian seas. And maybe Bevin’s swagger has slipped on some sweat, realizing he tied his boat awfully tight to that Russian-made ship.

Either way, Bevin can refuse to answer questions about the sweetheart, discount deal he got on the Anchorage mansion he bought from the man he appointed to the powerful state pension board; he can continue to tweet his vanity propaganda videos; and he can continue to lash out at the “snarks.”

If that’s how he wants to prove his strong leadership, fine. But name-calling and screaming at the wind is very… revealing, and Bevin is being transparent about that growing fear inside.

It’s a good thing that he and his bestie Pence can find time to support one another through these difficult times. Like in a sauna on the Titanic, sweat it out together boys… and good luck getting through this.