Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Dr. Bevin says: pain is good!  |  Thorn

Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin boasted in the American Hospital Association’s mouthpiece magazine about ways Kentucky is trying to beat opioid addiction. One suggestion is: People in pain should just walk it off and not be whiners! According to the magazine, Bevin said that doctors need to stop trying to remove “every last drop of pain” from patients. “Everybody’s a 10. They’re all a 10. Frankly, it’s good sometimes to feel some pain because you know whether or not your body is reacting to whatever else is being done. This idea that we need to remove any and all pain from everything in America is a problem … Are we in that much pain?” Only when you open your uneducated mouth, Matt.

Creepy, Louisville Magazine  |  Absurd

What is up with Louisville Magazine’s creepy, horsey-cosplay Derby covers and photo essays? Since 2015, it has featured humans wearing horse heads, including one full-page photo in April 2016 that showed a drunk horse-woman puking into a toilet.

Too much, Mutchler  |  Thorn

Being a cop is hard, and fuck-ups can be deadly. A community’s faith in the police department is key to how well officers do their jobs. We cannot police our way out of problems. This is why the city created the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability Board. But now, police union head Dave Mutchler wants to block the appointment of UofL professor Ricky L. Jones, because he has been critical of police. Dave, isn’t this exactly the type of person you want on the commission, if you hope to convince people of police credibility?

The age of internet justice  |  Thorn

Bad news for the city art scene last week: The Archdiocese of Louisville is closing The Clifton Center… and the messy events that led Tim Faulkner Gallery to remove an art show after Louisville Anti-Racist Action said the artist is a white supremacist. Social media chatter hit on art censorship, vigilantism and the very real presence of neo-Nazis in the city.