Thorns and Roses: The Worst, Best and Most Absurd

Trump can’t ‘Get ’em out’  |  Rose

Congratulations to local lawyers Dan Canon, David Ward, Camille Bathurst and Greg Belzley and the three protesters who are suing Donald tRump, claiming he provoked violence against them at a rally here in March 2016. A federal judge agreed enough evidence existed to advance the lawsuit, in which the protesters allege tRump supporters punched and pushed them after the Republican called to “get ‘em out of here” Canon told Politico:  “A politician simply cannot tell a crowd to attack peaceful protesters without facing consequences.”

Calipari got ‘em out  |  Thorn

A referee reports getting harassing emails and phone calls, including death threats, after UK’s loss to North Carolina. Coach John Calipari essentially issued the get ’em-out call by complaining about the officiating, later offering a tepid, shameful recall in a tweet: “I always brag that we have the classiest fans in the country. Let’s make sure we remain that way even after a tough loss.” UK showed no outrage: “…we encourage our fans to demonstrate good sportsmanship to everyone and discourage any other kind of behavior.”

GOP party of pills  |  Thorn

Limiting prescribed pain pills is a good move. But House Bill 333 was changed at the last moment of the legislative session to ensure addicts receive lengthy sentences. The Courier-Journal reported Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, said the GOP is “the party of personal responsibility,” and addicts “are not victims,” but “they’re criminals.” Right. Prison will cure them.

Psst… used stadium, cheap  |  Thorn

In another case of the not-so-mysteriously morphing bill, one that would bail out the KFC Yum Center now no longer demands specific additional contributions from UofL and the city. A Bevin administration official assured lawmakers the money would be paid. If you believe that, we have a used stadium to sell…

No concealing bad laws  |  Absurd

State lawmakers, as a whole, are idiots, like turkeys drowning in the rain. But they did find a collective brain cell large enough to reject Senate Bill 7, which would have allowed people 18 and older to carry a concealed weapon without any training, background check — or permit.