Run, Baby, Run

My wife is the biggest Sheryl Crow fan that I know. She’s her No. 2, behind Dave Matthews. She’s listened to her albums so many times, pulling solace and inspiration when needed. She’s not weird about it — it’s just part of her. So you can imagine her excitement when I got an offer to interview Ms. Crow. Upon the announcement of her latest single and record, she was to play a very small kickoff show at The Troubador in Los Angeles, and I got the opportunity to do the interview on the same day. Knowing what I know about my wife’s appreciation for her music, it was never really a question whether she would be joining me. In fact, had she not been able to, I imagine a deep resentment would have festered and grown. So, lucky for me, everything was green-lighted, and we were on our way.

There was one issue right from the get-go that would ripple a chain of events, leading to one of my now all-time, favorite music moments, and that was that we would be on two different planes. I left early in the week, so as to get some more work done while out in California. She’d be flying in on the day of the show. The interview was to take place around midday, so I’d be catching up with Jenn, my wife, later that afternoon. But, as it became closer to the interview, we realized that Jenn’s plane would land at a time that, with some luck, she might actually be able to make it over while it was still happening, thus getting a private moment to meet her idol instead of within a mass of concert goers and friends.

The interview was to take place at a hotel. When my record label contact, Julie, and I arrived a bit early, we decided to head to the bar by the pool to chill for a few, until it was time. It was pointed out that the bar inside is where Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top likes to hang, and then someone else pointed out that the gents sitting behind us at the pool were the fellas in Slipknot. Things were getting surreal very quickly. Especially since Dave Matthews was there. I smiled politely as he passed with his family. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Holy cow. How is it that my wife’s two favorite artists of all time just happen to coincidentally be in the same place at the same time?” And my next thought: “She’s going to freak out.”

I called my wife to find out her ETA. “Babe, I’ve got some news. Dave Matthews is also here.” And yeah, she freaked out a little. She was about 10 minutes away, and I told her that she may want to hurry as Dave looks like he’s walking toward the lobby, maybe leaving. Julie and I settled up at the bar, as it was also about time for the interview. We had to pass through the lobby on the way to Sheryl’s room, and sure enough, there’s Dave, waiting at the curb for a car. There’s no way we can leave at this point, because we have to see how this plays out.

“About to pull up.” I could see her car at the end of drive. I could also see Dave’s car pulling up about 50 yards ahead of hers. I’m not kidding, he got in the car and pulled off just as she arrived. She didn’t meet him. Ten seconds. Amazing. Not the end of the story though.

We headed up to do the interview. It was in Sheryl’s bedroom, and my wife is instructed to wait in the living room until after it’s over. I went in, had a great chat and thanked her for her time. We made some small talk while I packed up, and I told her that my wife is outside, and how big of a fan she is. “You’re her second-favorite artist of all time.” “Who’s her first?” So I tell her the story that just transpired. She got a huge smile on her face, threw open the bedroom door and yells out, “Where’s Jenn?” My wife, “Gulp.” Sheryl then threw her arms wide open for an embrace. And said, “I’m sorry I’m not Dave Matthews.”

Can you imagine from my wife’s point of view? Amazing.