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on Our neighbors from afar: Stories of immigrants we know
Ban Islam. —Paula Ferree

Ban hatred. —Jodi Lewis

My next door neighbor is a Muslim immigrant. Came here speaking broken English with $500 in his pocket. Today, he owns his own auto repair business … and his home is paid for. Very busy and hard working, but always has time to help a neighbor … We are blessed to have him and his family in the community. 
—Victor Miller

In one of your stories there is a Muslim man from Egypt who is secretive because he is gay. Yet you still try to push your pro-Islam agenda! You are unable, or unwilling, to make the intellectual connection between the actual meaning of the religion and practice of Islam and your desire to see that religion for what it isn’t … Muslims have destroyed objects of ancient culture in Iraq as well as attempting to exterminate the few Christians there, and others have blown up and destroyed Buddhist statues and buildings because there is nothing tolerant about the religion as practiced by ISIS, the Taliban or the Saudi kingdom or any of the others… —Soozan Eyevajeedas

on lgbt catholics — this is our faith, too
So, you know how religion is a total load of crap when the archbishop is using the Bible/fundamentals of faith to justify being a discriminate prick. Let’s put faith aside and be nice to each other, so then you don’t have an excuse! —Duncan Pope

on editor’s note: loucity fc, go west!
Aaron makes a great point about intelligent and ethically-based ways to invest in infrastructure … [S]occer here appeals to a much more sophisticated crowd than the old, white, ex-rural crowd that follows college sports — putting the stadium west of Ninth would work. —Pip Pullen

There is already a single purpose soccer stadium in Louisville on the UofL campus. The community has already wasted millions of dollars to cater to the over blown egos of a few people (i.e. Slugger Field replaced Fairgrounds Stadium; Yum! Center replaced Freedom Hall). Doesn’t it make more sense to rent the UofL facility for the few home games than to waste the money on a new stadium? … —Michael Slaughter

on recommended: Funmi’s flavors
… I get it. LEO is a liberal paper. That’s why I read it each week. So please cut the political commentary in the food and drink columns. I read them because I want to read about… well, food and drink. —Howard Phillips

on i’d tap that… beer: yuengling comes to indiana
Yuengling loves [Donald] Trump. Plenty of other beers.
 —Sharon John Humble