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On u.s rep. John Yarmuth: what would it take for a GOP probe of president Trump?
No matter what party, I want to know the truth of Trump and his team’s — both past and present — involvement with Russia. Thank you to LEO and John Yarmuth for keeping us honest and informed. — Sharon Cheek

Did I miss it, or was Yarmuth asking for an investigation of [Hillary Clinton’s] emails, her activities relating to Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, etc.? — Resa Camoriano

If they haven’t done it by now, they won’t. His special interests, his taxes, his connections to Russia have not raised a Republican eyebrow. They have him out front distracting the public, while behind the scenes they are getting busy with their agenda. Stay vigilant. — Dolita Murray Dohrman

On Editor’s note: the “blue lives matter” bill is arrogance behind ignorance
There is no such thing as a blue life. — Lana Blanca

The job of police officers is to protect the lives of all people! I hope they can remember that even in times of racial division. No one wants cops attacked, but no one wants our young black men — regardless of them hanging out or breaking minor laws — shot down in the streets. We all deserve equal protection … I just wish the majority of Kentucky Republican lawmakers would … get that Black Lives do matter and are not a threat to cops just because they feel they must protest to be heard! … — Von Purdy

on will russell: an ode to cherokee park
Great to see Will Russell’s unique insight appear in the pages of the LEO. He’s a good man, and thorough. — Brent Webb

on Ask Minda Honey: get X-Rated With A married CoWorker?
I love this response. It is perfect in every way… —Africa Jackson

She states that she and the coworker “made out.” In that sense, she doesn’t have to think about cheating on her husband, since she’s already done so. —Tony W. Vaughn

on two brits in the lou: taxes and death
You missed another key point on estate taxes. The vast majority of estates worth over $5 million have never paid tax on half that wealth as it is usually unrealized capital gains. As the size of the estate increases, this effect is even more pronounced.
— Mark Drexelius

on editor’s note: Gov. matt Bevin and KY GOP coming after our city and schools
Am I the only person here to react to [Republican state Rep. Ken] Fleming calling the mayor a derelict? That seems a little out of line. Is there a story behind it, or do they just talk that way about each other? Miss Manners and I do not approve. — Laurie Spezzano