Thorns & Roses: The Worst, Best & Most Absurd

The microwave told us  |  Absurd

If he wants U.S. Sen. Rand “Gump” Paul’s support for Trumpcare, why not just buy him a box of chocolates. Instead, tRump is coming to Louisville on Monday to push a healthcare plan that the Congressional Budget Office says would boost the uninsured by 24 million people. They include many of the same who elected him. You know you live in bizarro world when people vote against their own interests, and then deny it. Maybe they would believe their microwaves.

Get your resistance here!  |  Rose

Speaking of tRump, Indivisible Kentucky is emerging as the force and clearinghouse for ways to resist. Go to to find out when, where and how.

This dog don’t (witch) hunt…  |  Thorn

Metro Councilman David James said he used an ID he found to get into the Vapor Spa, which he alleges is a “sex club,” and now he does not have the ID. Riggght… First, we do not believe you. Second, you, an elected official, misrepresented yourself. Third, so what if it is a sex club? No one has said what happens there — between consenting adults — is illegal. If James wanted to start a discussion about the need for more or different zoning laws, this was the wrong way to go about it.

Mayor’s war on school board  |  Thorn

Mayor Greg “Buttinksy” Fischer has inserted himself into the state debate over a charter school-enabling bill by dealing himself in — asking that he, in addition to the school board, be allowed to authorize the creation of charter schools. He also made clear that this would apply to him alone, “and not all 83 mayors within Louisville.” Fischer would be only the second mayor nationwide with such powers, according to The Courier-Journal.

Fresh food all year  |  Rose

Who wouldn’t want a year-round farmers market, especially one in a neighborhood bereft of grocery options? In addition to moving its coffee roasting and packaging operation to Shelby Park, Safai Enterprises has ambitious plans to eventually open an indoor market at Logan and Kentucky streets, it told The CJ.