Three shows you shouldn’t miss this week

Margo Price
Wednesday, March 29
Headliners Music Hall
Like Sturgill Simpson or Tift Merritt, Margo Price is one of the best talents to emerge from the side of country music that’s not overly-slick bubblegum pop. The music and lyrics are rough around the edges, with her debut album Midwestern Farmer’s Daughter delivering sharp, impactful throwback roots music that is straightforward and clever.

Twin Limb
Friday, March 24

A hometown show on Zanzabar’s new stage for the atmospheric, psych-folk band who have recently spent quite a bit of time on the road. With vocals that register dark and ethereal, and layers of fuzz-infused strangeness surrounding a minimalistic core sound, Twin Limb is one of the more unique bands that you’ll run into (I know that generally sounds cliché and hyperbolic, but here, I promise it’s true). And, while we’re going for a ride of overused, music writer sentences, I might as well throw this in there as well: See them on a stage this size while you can.

Phourist & The Photons
Saturday, March 25
Phourist & the Photons are a dynamic, experimental band with lows that register in melancholy folk, and highs that hit with big, heavy-handed parts that always stop just short of a freak-out. There’s a lot of range with Phourist & The Photons — both in the subtle-to-soaring vocals and in the quiet-loud instrumental shifts — and they do a lot with a little, never overcomplicating their songs, but they always leave the space and have the ability to veer all over the place.