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on that pussy hat, though
Thank you! — Mary Brown Feiock

Amen. — Jennifer Hagan

I don’t disagree with what she says about black voters being disenfranchised, black children being killed, etc. However, the pussy hats were not made for white women alone. In fact, one of the two women who started the pussy hat project is not white. The pussy hat was and is a symbol of solidarity and not just solidarity among white women. I personally find this article sad — really sad — because in my opinion it is yet another instance of feminists calling other feminists out …This sort of rhetoric stifles the movement and steals time that can be used in a more productive manner. We need to come together in order to fight the injustices that put all of us down. — Wen Iam

Wait, so I’m confused. Why can’t we all wear pussy hats? We all care about women’s rights, right? I feel like the author is saying that it’s not enough to be a feminist, now feminism has to be equal to all. —Emily Oost Apenbrinck

You can and did, but it’s important to think of who’s being excluded when movement work is being led by white women. On a personal level, I am rather disgusted by the impulse to take something negative the president said and turn it into a rallying cry, and I feel the same way about claiming the mantle of Nasty Woman. My personal feelings aside, my focus is amplifying the voices of people who are true leaders of feminism.
— Kate Sedgwick [Ed. Note: Sedgwick wrote the column.]

on no sanctuary declared, but implied
at mayor’s rally
How could Cincinnati step up with a sanctuary city declaration, and our “compassionate” city fails to do so? — Dee Allen

on Make Louisville a sanctuary city now!
You say we have 36,000 unfilled jobs in Louisville. Instead of looking to immigrants to fill these positions, why aren’t you wanting them filled by the economically-challenged Louisville residents? … Why have you turned your back on them in favor of immigrants? … — Douglas W. Smith

on frank x walker: ‘Organize, be informed, resist! And vote with your wallet’
Pam Platt did an excellent interview. Frank X Walker is one of my favorite people — as are you for introducing him to all LEO readers. It is a good conversation Which makes a better world!
—Edwin S. Foote

More extreme vetting needed
The HollyLouYa column Feb. 1 misstated the age of the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.