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on Editor’s Note: Don’t tweet me, show me

The Democratic Party just forgot one thing, to have a viable candidate. And they just cannot get over that. —Randy Scott

on Bus Love — Short Fiction: first Place

The story makes me smile. Thanks. —Dennis Hill

on The Unlikely Fix of Jacqueline Du Pre — Short Fiction: third Place

Creative, funny, intelligent, you must come from good stock. Well done! More please! —Sharon Baltazar

on For Chris
Poetry: Honorable Mention

Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Chris. —Daniel Robertson

on an ode to phoenix hill tavern

Make room for the hipsters. This happens too often here in Nashville, as well … — Tom Palka

I remember it being something like: “An establishment with stand-offish staff and creepy men in their ‘30s.” —Zach Miller

There’s a lot of memories gone, fun times and good people. I wish this was a dream.                        —Susie Robinson

on undercover

You trying to imply [Donald] Trump is Hitler? You know, Hitler was responsible for millions of deaths and the Holocaust. Trump is responsible for hotels and casinos.                                                       — Ted Franke

…If a person was willing to suffer reading through Hitler’s crap, they would soon recognize the outlines of the same campaign Trump ran, blueprinted in the book…                      —Michael A Peake

A modest proposal

Please implement the practice of simply referring to the man currently occupying the White House as ‘45’ or ‘number 45,’ as that should serve two purposes: 1) removes the legitimacy of having to read ‘President Tr*#p’ in print and 2) reduces the often-hilarious, belittling names that could be turned around by others with disagreeing points of view. The name-calling (although spot on!) falls outside the guidelines of Michele Obama’s provocative call to action: ‘When they go low, we go high.’ …  Thank you for all you do and keep up the fabulous work!                                     —Elizabeth Farley

spell my name, spell my name

In the Jan. 25 issue, names were misspelled for WFPK DJ Danny O’Bryan in the Completely Obsessed column and state Rep. Darryl Owens in the Editor’s Note.